Drying of lining

The drying and initial heating up of the lining of heat generating units after construction or reconstruction is one of the types of work that our company performs. This important work, underestimated by many operators, must be done in a technically adequate manner; otherwise, the durability of lining will considerably decrease.

As it is known, in the lining of heat generating units there is water which gets into lining materials while they are manufactured or stored and installed. For instance, the moisture content of ramming mixture is about 25-30%, moisture content of regular dense refractory castable (25-30% cement content) when it being cast is 10-12% and one of low-cement castable is 5-7% and less. Brick lining also contains quite a large amount of water from the mortar used for laying and that one absorbed by porous bricks from the air. Taking into account this fact, it is very simple to imagine how much water there is in the lining with the volume of some hundred tons.

It is known that drying is the removal of free and combined water from a refractory material. This process must be quite a long in time in order to provide gradual water removal and prevent the cracks and spalling of the lining. So, it becomes a special aim to develop an optimal program of drying and heating which NK-Teplohimmotazh reaches in cooperation with the manufacturers of the used lining materials.