Burner Blocks

A burner block is a component of a refractory lining for kilns and other thermal generating units in which a burning devise is to be installed. Burner blocks are designed to provide stable heat insulation against the high-temperature of a burner flame and to ensure the required opening angle of a flame.

With the use of burner blocks preshaped in plant conditions, the complexity concerning the installation of a lining for a kiln or other thermal-generating units is diminished and the possibility to break the lining configuration is decreased. Due to the heat-insulation provided by burner blocks as well as specials refractory materials used for their manufacture, the durability of a lining is increased.

Burner block - GMG-1.5 draw.011.0195.00.SB (ГМГ-1,5 черт.011.0195.00.СБ)
Burner block - GMG-2 draw.011.0196.00.SB (ГМГ-2 черт.011.0196.00.СБ)
Burner block - GMG-4 draw.011.0259.00.SB (ГМГ-4 черт.011.0259.00.СБ)
Burner block GMG-4.1draw.011.0492.00.SB (ГМГ -4.1 черт. 011.0492.00.СБ)
Burner block GMG-4M-1 draw.011.0305.00.SB (ГМГ -4М-1 черт.011.0305.00.СБ)
Burner block GMG-5 M draw.011.0167.00.SB (ГМГ-5 М черт.011.0167.00.СБ)
Burner block GMG-5.5 draw.011.0304.00.SB (ГМГ-5,5 черт.011.0304.00.СБ)
Burner block GNP-1 draw.011.0278 ГОСТ 22442-77 (ГНП-1 черт.011.0278 ГОСТ 22442-77)
Burner block GNP-2 draw.011.0178 GOST 22442-77 (ГНП-2 черт.011.0178 ГОСТ 22442-77)
Burner block GNP-3 draw.011.0072 GOST 22442-77 (ГНП-3 черт.011.0072 ГОСТ 22442-77)
Burner block GNP-4 draw.011.0180 GOST 22442-77 (ГНП-4 черт.011.0180 ГОСТ 22442-77)
Burner block GNP-5 draw.011.0337.000.SB GOST 22442-77 (ГНП-5 черт.011.0337.000.СБ ГОСТ 22442-77)
Burner block GNP-6 draw.011.0327А.000.SB GOST 22442-77 (ГНП-6 черт.011.0327А.000.СБ ГОСТ 22442-77)
Burner block GNP-7 draw.011.0234.00.SB GOST 22442-77 (ГНП-7 черт.011.0234.00.СБ ГОСТ 22442-77)
Burner block GNP-8 draw.011.0257.00.SB GOST 22442-77 (ГНП-8 черт.011.0257.00.СБ ГОСТ 22442-77)
Burner block GPN-9 draw.011.0245.00.SB GOST 22442-77 (ГПН-9 черт.011.0245.00.СБ ГОСТ 22442-77)
Burner block GNP-3 draw.011.0379.00 (ГНП-3 черт.011.0379.00)